Dinner at Chez Casper

Casper (as I shall now affectionately refer CW and JC) invited Pdho and I over for dinner at their place one evening.  I can’t think of another couple who are as much of a foodie as we are, so it’s always a lot of fun to get together and exchange restaurant recommendations or share stories from new-found eateries.  I think the big difference between us and Casper is they actually cook at home a lot more than Pdho and I (although it’s something we’re trying to slowly change.) 🙂  Nevertheless, it’s very funny, because we’ll always talk about how our Saturday morning is spent enjoying the free fruit samples at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, while Casper usually heads straight to the Alemany Farmer’s Market to buy whatever produce and vegetables are fresh and yummy.  So when they invited us over, we were more than excited to accept and spend an evening with them.

Lobster was the star of the night, and even better, we had it prepared two ways!  Casper found a wholesale place called New England Lobster which is located in SSF and normally sells seafood to local restaurants.  They ended up buying some nice-sized lobsters for dinner.  The first preparation was a lobster noodle dish which was very interesting.  JC chopped up two of the lobsters and laid them in a bed of vermicelli noodles.  I can’t recall what he added for seasoning, but I think there was some sesame oil, salt, pepper, etc.  He placed the noodles and the lobster in the Chinese-style bamboo steamer, but I think he had to finish off the noodles in the microwave.   The second preparation was the more familiar way of just steaming the lobster inside the bamboo steamer.

In addition to the lobster, we had some of the best tasting yellow and white corn.  It was so amazingly sweet!!  It was coated with a dill-flavored butter which I thought was very interesting.  I ended up eating a whole cobb of corn myself.  I think there was a soy sauce and vinegar dressing that we poured over the lobster noodles in the end.  The juices from the lobster also seeped into the noodles while it cooked, so it added some more of that lobster flavor.  The steamed lobster was also very good.  The meat was tender, juicy and very sweet.

We ended the meal with a couple scoops of ice cream served with fresh blueberries and peaches.  All fresh from the farmers market.  JC actually sauteed the peaches in some cognac, I think, to give the dessert a little kick.    It was a great meal all in all.  Casper emphasized how everything came from the Alemany Farmers Market.  I really do need to to check that farmers market out, because Casper always raves about it.  Nevertheless, it was a delicious meal that I really enjoyed.  Good food and good company.  What more can you ask for in a perfect evening.


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