Sam’s Chowder Mobile

Here is to my inaugural “on-the-go” post where all pictures are taken on the iPhone and posted through the WordPress app.  Amazing how much technology has evolved to where it can assist in helping you do something or find information RIGHT AWAY, literally.

Due to construction in our cafeteria, they have tried to supplement lunch time meal service by inviting a host of different food mobiles to come each day and offer their goods.  Today happened to mark the arrival of Sam’s Chowder Mobile.  There didn’t seem to be a very long line of people waiting considering it was past the noon time lunch hour, but when I walked up to the menu, I realized that it was probably the prices that might have been scaring people away.  Their signature Lobster roll was $15 and a cup of their Chowder was $5!!!  However, I was curious.

Don’t let the dimensions in the not so clear picture of the Shortie Lobster Roll fool you.  It really was THAT small.  I was hesitant to spend $15, so instead I went with the half-sandwich which still costs $10!  To be fair, it is lobster and they do give you a good amount so you can’t really blame them too much for the prices.  The lobster meat was sauteed with celery, herbs and butter, and in truth, it was pretty darn good.  The roll was also very soft and bready which I also liked.  Although I wouldn’t call the sandwich dry, because the lobster and soft roll went together pretty well, somehow I kept feeling like it need a little cream or aioli or some sort. Maybe it’s because I’m used to lobster rolls having mayo-covered lobster meat stuffed in the sandwiches.  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

The Old Bay Fries were essentially plain old fries sprinkled with Old Bay Seasoning.  Nothing extremely unique or interesting, but they tasted fine for french fries.  I think the $4 price tag was a little excessive, but it was a nice side order for the sandwich.  I would probably go with the chowder next time, because these french fries weren’t anything special.

All in all, I liked the Lobster Roll that they served, and in spite of the high price tag, I might still come back when it makes its round again.  I want to try the chowder, fish and chips and fried calamari, because they really sound kind of interesting.  I just have to stick to half-sandwiches and soups from the work cafeteria so I can save up for when Sam’s Chowder Mobile comes rolling on by again.

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  1. Overworked says:

    man, food trucks come to your work?? wish we had that too!

    1. Jennee says:

      it started because our cafeteria is out for construction and remodeling. it’s pretty convenient. good selection. a different one each day.

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