Curry Up, I’m Hungry!

And here I am on a roll with the food trucks and the entries “on-the-go.”  I mosey-ed on over to the building to meet DL for lunch, mainly because I was anxious to check out the Curry Up Now truck.  I’ve heard tremendously positive things about the Tikka Masala Burrito, so I had to give it a try.  I got there smack dab at 11:30am, and the line quickly grew until it was about 20+ people deep.  Either the food was THAT good or there just aren’t a lot of eating options in the area.  Of note, the El Ranchito taco truck was parked next door, but it didn’t have a wait at all.

Unfortunately, the pictures on the iPhone just don’t come out as well in comparison to Pdho’s pictures with his Canon SLR, but at least I have a picture and it accurately captures how absolutely stuffed the burrito was.  They took a flour tortilla and filled it with chana masala (garbanzo beans), methi (fenugreek) pulao, onions and chicken (although it does come with paneer).  Honestly, I’m not that familiar with most of the ingredients aside from the chicken and onions, but I have to say that it tasted pretty good.  The mix of ingredients and combination of spices made a nice curry filling for the burrito.  My only real critique was I really found the chicken to be extremely dry.  They used white meat which albeit is healthier, but in itself is not very flavorful.  I think they might have been better off using dark meat or at least pre-marinading the white meat in order to get more flavor seeping into the chicken.  Given the consistency of the curry filling, the spices and flavors just coated the otherwise bland tasting chunks of chicken.  So I would recommend just ordering it meatless.

DL ordered the Deconstructed Samosa with chicken which turned out to be an inside out version of the deep-fried triangular-shaped flaky pastry stuffed with potatoes and/or ground meat.  So instead of everything being stuff inside, they basically had mini samosas mixed with chana, pico, chutneys and chicken on the outside.  Truthfully, I found this dish much more interesting, and I would probably order this next time.

All in all, I think the food at Curry Up Now was pretty good.  It’s pretty reasonably priced ranging from $6.75 for the burrito to $6.00 for the Deconstructed Samosa.  I can’t say it was as good as most other people had raved about it, but I think the dry chicken kind of ruined it for me.  I’m thinking in the future I should probably go with Vegetarian when it comes to Indian food.  Hehe!


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