New Penang Garden

It was a long day spent at the car dealer in Fremont, so by the time we were done, we were still without a car and feeling hungry as well.  We headed over the McCarthy Ranch area of Milpitas where we figured we could find something simple at some Asian restaurant.  We found New Penang Garden and proceeded to order a couple dishes to eat.

We started off with the Roti Canai which is typical of how we start off most of our Malaysian meals. It was okay. Not bad but we’ve probably had better else where. The curry sauce was a little bit more watery and the roti bread itself was thinner than I like.  It still tasted fine.


Pdho really loves the Ong Choi (on the left) which is another typical vegetable dish that is served in many Asian restaurants, not necessarily just Malaysian ones.  I think it was called Melaka Kang Kung Lady Fingers on the menu… for whatever reason.  The vegetables were stir-fried with some shrimp paste-based sauce.  It was good.  The Pearl Mee Noodles (on the right) was a little bit plain, but it still tasted okay.  I think I’ve seen these noodles called mouse-tail noodles, because they are reminiscent  of  mouse tails, but I actually think they look more like fat bean sprouts.  Nevertheless, they were tossed with fish balls, shrimps and bean sprouts and tasted perfectly fine.

All in all, the food is simple, average tasting Malaysian food.  We ordered some pretty basic dishes, so it was probably hard to really go wrong with what we ordered, but I don’t really have anything bad to say.  However, it’s not like I would give raving reviews that would compel people from far reaches of the Bay to go check out.  I think if you’re in the area, you can expect to find a decent meal at New Penang Garden.


New Penang Garden
278 Barber Ct
Milpitas, CA 95035

PAFO Ratings for New Penang Garden:
Price 2 stars
Ambiance 2 stars
Food 3 stars
Overall rating 3 stars

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