I Gatti Have Some Italian

After hanging out in Los Gatos with Pdho’s friend one time, I was so enchanted with the quaint little downtown which had relatively decent reviews on Yelp.  It’s a very quaint little Italian bistro just area that I wanted to go back and walk around. We ended up having dinner at an Italian place called I Gatti off the main strip going through Downtown Los Gatos.

The menu looked pretty good, and there were some specials which sounded even more interesting.  There was an appetizer called Roma Tomato Chips which were thin slices of tomatoes that were lightly battered and deep fried.  A 12-year old balsamic syrup was lightly drizzled over the chips and it came served with spiced ketchup sauce.  Not only was it a unique take on tomatoes, but they tasted really good.  It was surprisingly delicate, so much so that I’m impressed it held up as well as it did going through the deep fryer.  I was expecting it would be crispy, but when you bite into it, it kind of fell apart the way a a slice of tomato would.  The flavor of the tomato was still there and the addition of the balsamic vinegar and ketchup sauce was very nice.  It was a very good dish in my opinion.

Roma Tomato Chips

The other appetizer (which probably wouldn’t be a surprise) was the Crispy Artichoke Hearts and Calamari.  This dish was okay.  It was nicely prepared and tasted pretty good.  There wasn’t much else to say about it though.

Crispy Artichoke Hearts and Calamari

I ordered the Linguini Nere which was fresh squid ink linguini pasta in a spiced tomato sugo with lobster, wild white shrimp, and scallops.  It was absolutely yummy.  Since I had recently attempted to make a seafood pasta, I was trying harder to discern the flavors in this sauce.  It was distinctly rich in seafood flavor which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Not only was the seafood large and plentiful, but it was all well-cooked to the right tenderness.  The shrimps, in particular, were pretty big!  The linguini wasn’t cooked al dente as I normally like it, but I still thought there was a subtle yet interesting flavor that maybe came from the squid ink aspect of the pasta.

Linguini Nere

Pdho ordered the Farfalle Salciccia which was bow-tie pasta with chiaramonte spicy Italian sausage and fire-roasted peppers in a rich, creamy tomato fennel sugo.  This was an equally flavorful dish.  The sausage and roasted peppers gave the pasta a spicy yet subtly sweet flavor.  I really liked that the tomato sugo wasn’t too heavy in spite of being creamy.  It was good.

Farfalle Salciccia

Overall, I was very pleased by the discovery of this Italian restaurant.  The weather was nice, so we ended up sitting outside in a little patio area which allowed us to take in the view of passerbyers.  I don’t know what the inside of the restaurant was like, but I imagine it would be equally cozy.  The food was excellent!  The highlight was probably the Roma Tomato Chips, but I think both pasta dishes were very good as well.    Even though its location down in Los Gatos is what will likely prevent us from becoming regulars, I do think that if anyone lives in the area, they should strongly consider a visit.

I Gatti
25 E Main St
Los Gatos, CA 95030

PAFO Ratings for I Gatti:
Price 2½ stars
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3½ stars

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