Met, MOMA and a Park

Today’s NYC outing covered more art than usual. With a trip to the Met and the MOMA, we ended up catching two very unique exhibitions, Big Bambu and Matisse: Radical Invention, respectively.

We started at the Museum of Modern Art and between Ckoh and Pdho’s corporate hook-ups, not only did we get in free but we were able to avoid the unpleasant looking line to get in. 🙂

Museum of Modern Art Entrance

Although I love the actual space inside the Museum of Modern Art, I’ve never really been interested in most of the art work that is usually on display inside of it.  I think it’s just too “modern” for me to really appreciate.  If it weren’t for Ckoh’s suggestion about the Matisse exhibit, I probably wouldn’t have even gone.


Matisse: Radical Invention

I don’t really associate Matisse with modern art (at least not the kind of art that I’m used to seeing at MOMA), but I think this particular collection focused on his later years.  It was a pretty good exhibit, better than I thought it would be considering what I’m used to seeing at MOMA.


Outside Garden at MOMA

Strangely enough, I had never really hung out in the garden area of the MOMA.  It was amazingly peaceful although pretty crowded.  We ended up sitting for while just relaxing and taking in the sereneness of the surroundings.

When we left the MOMA, we headed out on a walk to our next destination… and boy, was it a walk.  We headed up Fifth Avenue toward Central Park.  As usual, it was a pretty packed with people everywhere.  We walked through the park past the usual sites…. the reservoir, the lake, and all the people enjoying what little bit of nature NYC can offer.

The Met was hosting an art exhibit, Doug + Mike Starn Big Bambu, which was this monumental structure constructed from bamboo on the roof of the Met.  I think it was part art and part architectural genius. Either way, it was definitely a unique site to see.

Big Bambu





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  1. Overworked says:

    Where is the food?! Dislike!!

    1. Jennee says:

      Hello, this is the “frivolity” part of the blog.

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