Evening in Flushing Meadows

Arthur Ashe Stadium

I absolutely love going to the U.S. Open!!  There is just something about the feel of being at Flushing Meadows and watching a live tennis match, even though it has often been from some very high seats above the court.  I’ve gone a handful of times through the years, but with this well-timed vacation in NYC, I decided that it would be fun to go see a match.  Unfortunately, it’s not like I would know who would be playing on a Sunday night, so unfortunately, we missed Rafael Nadal, the eventual U.S. Open champion, who played in the morning match.  The evening Mens’ match featured Mikhail Youzhney and John Isner (aka Marathon Man for his long, long match at Wimbledon).

Mikhail Youzhney vs. John Isner

Even though the game felt lopsided at times, the match still lasted almost 3 hours forcing us to have to get on a train and head back to Manhattan before we could see the start of the Womens’ match.  Youzhney really was by far the most consistent throughout the entire match, but Isner had moments of greatness showing an awesome serve and some powerful shots.  He had some really high points and a great deal of unforced errors.  Although neither of these guys carry the cache of Federer or Nadal, it was still a pretty good game.

Pdho and I
USTA Center

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  1. TE says:

    ISNER IS GOD!!! Just saw an awesome documentary on him via the Tennis Channel:


    Really enjoyable.

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