Zushi with Big Guy

Best Hand Roll

Every visit to the sushi bar at Zushi Puzzle seems to bring something different especially when you roll with Vsiz.  I was planning on taking pictures to capture this visit to Zushi Puzzle, especially because I have so many previous visits of which to speak of.  However, some of the things we had were so darn good, so courtesy of Ellenita Eats, I have more pictures to share.


Uni Tofu

Not being a big fan of uni, I was hesitant to try uni, but somehow I succumbed to peer pressure and put my trust in Chef Roger, and boy, did it pay off!  This dish was fantastic!  The taste of the uni was not as weird as I remember it, but the texture went very well with soft tofu.  I definitely have to credit Chef Roger for giving me a new found appreciation for sea urchin.


Sake Poached Scallop with Ocean Foie Gras

This was equally delicious. I’m not sure what Ocean Foie Gras is, but I’m guessing it might be the liver of some fish.  It was really very, very good though.  I liked it a lot!


Small Sashimi Platter

Can anyone really believe this was considered the “small” version of the sashimi platter?!?  I think we probably overdid it a little bit on the sashimi.  It was delicious, no doubt, but I was so full by the time I was half way through the different cuts of sashimi on the plate.


Seared Salmon

As if I already wasn’t a big fan of salmon, Chef Roger goes and takes a blow torch to sear these babies and what results is pure magic on your taste buds.  It was soft, smokey and absolute heaven in my mouth.


Best Rice Ball

It sounds rather arrogant to have more than one item on your menu carry the moniker  “best”, but in Roger’s case, I would have to say it’s fair.  These rice balls are amazing!  Sadly enough, the secret ingredient is kobe beef lard!  Not the best for your arteries, but that’s why I only eat this once every 6-9 months when I decide to sit at the sushi bar.


Kobe Cracker

This hands down must be one of the top 5 things I’ve ever eaten.  It really has to be.  First of all, he prepares slices of kobe beef a la sushi-style which probably would be very good on its own.  There’s some nice flavoring of the beef and the rice that really make it taste good, but then he places on this homemade shrimp rice cracker.  Not only does this offer a wonderful contrast in texture, but the subtle shrimpiness of the cracker adds a new dimension of flavor.  Seriously, it’s delicious but it’s so sinfully rich-tasting.  Again, just once every 6-9 months……


Strawberry Sake Sorbet, Wasabi Cheesecake and Wasabi Green Tea Ice Cream

The Strawberry Sake Sorbet is a constant and always a refreshing way to end the meal.  However, the Wasabi Cheesecake was interesting.  It has the slight kick of wasabi taste yet it is creamy like your average cheesecake.  The Wasabi Green Tea Ice Cream was a little bit too much wasabi for my liking.

Generally speaking, I absolutely love the food here.  I never leave without feeling absolutely satisfied and completely happy with the food.  However, when we roll with Vsiz, in addition to satisfaction and happiness, we always seem to get the V.I.P. hook up, eat like piggies and end up rolling home at the end of the meal.  Sadly, this represents (probably) one of the last meals we’ll probably ever have with Vsiz since he’s packing his bags and making the big move to Las Vegas.  Sure, he’ll be in town every so often, but Zushi Puzzle without “Big Guy” just won’t be the same, so I dedicate this entry to Vsiz… for introducing so many of us to one of the best sushi places in SF.


Zushi Puzzle
1910 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94123

PAFO Ratings for Zushi Puzzle:
Price 3 ½ stars
Ambiance 3 ½ stars
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 4 stars


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  1. Overworked says:

    Big Guy us a much cooler name than Vsiz

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