Is that the Alamo?

Although I’ve been in San Antonio before for work, I never got a chance to go see the one thing that this fine little town is known for, The Alamo.  Considering it’s storied significance as a battle stronghold during  the Texas Revolution, one would imagine it to be some grand structure.  Quite to the contrary, it’s much smaller than one would think.  In fact, it’s rather miniature.  I only visited the outside… just to say that I had been, but it really didn’t seem very interesting beyond that.  In spite of being somewhat unimpressive, there wasn’t a lack of visitors which probably tells you that there just isn’t that much to do or see in San Antonio.  Haha!

Me at the Alamo


San Antonio does have a cute little Riverwalk area which essentially was a quaint commercial and entertainment area along the river.  It was nice to take a walk and just take in the scenery.   There were also quite a variety of different restaurants and bars along this area.  The food at most of the places I went to was fine but none of them really stood out that much.

I had a nice dinner at Biga on the Banks which serves a higher end menu including seafood, meats and fishes.  The food was good, but I felt it was a little bit on the heavy side.  The portions were quite filling.  I also had lunch at Boudro’s which is a festive little Texas bistro right in the heart of the Riverwalk.  I was a little unimpressed with guacamole, which they served table side, as I thought it needed a little bit more salt, but the rest of the food was pretty solid.  Mi Tierra was another restaurant that was like a 10 minute cab ride from the Riverwalk area, and it specialized in straight up Mexican cuisine.  It was quite a busy place which seemed to cater to a lot more locals.  In fact, it looked like most of the diners there were Latinos, but the odd thing was that the whole decor of the restaurant seemed so outrageously Mexican in an almost unauthentic way that I would have thought it would be a turn off for Latinos and a draw for non-Latinos to experience a little Latin culture.  Needless to say, the food was typical Mexican fare and even though I don’t love Mexican food, it was okay.

All in all, although the trip was mainly for work, I was able to visit the Alamo and eat some decent food, but after a couple of days, I had gotten my fill of Southwestern fare and I was ready to head home.  =)



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