Return to NSM

2011 marks my return to NSM.  Every year since I’ve joined my company, I’ve attended our annual company sales meeting where we’ve been very privileged to have some great bands perform a private concert for us.  In the past, we’ve had Faith Hill, Matchbox 20 and my favorite, Maroon 5.  Last year, Bon Jovi performed, but unfortunately, I was back in San Francisco taking a fire spinning class.  It was sad for me… but I learned to deal.


John and the Band
John Rockin' It


Needless to say, I was excited to be back in Las Vegas this year and like every year prior, the identity of the band was kept secret until the very last minute.  People around me were guessing Smash Mouth, Barenaked Ladies and Justin Bieber.  Instead, the act turned out to be John Mellencamp!! Not sure when he dropped “Cougar” from his name, but aside from that and 1 or 2 songs, I know very little about him and his music.  I figured he was way before my time, but I was told that he’s very popular in the Midwest (which probably makes a lot of sense because my friend who is around my age was SEVERELY disappointed that she had left the company and missed out on the opportunity to see him perform).  Anyways, in spite of steathly positioning myself near the front in hopes of getting a great view of an exciting band, I ended up snapping a few pictures and then taking off.


John Mellencamp



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