Evening at the OC PAC

At Segerstrom Hall

In spite of living in OC for most of my life, I have never been to the OC Performing Arts Center before.  So when JFuji offered us some tickets to go see a a classical music concert at Segerstrom Concert Hall, I was ready to check it out.  It’s a very beautiful concert hall especially when you looking from the outside in.  The entire front of the building is made of glass windows which gives an open view of the inside levels of the hall itself.  It gives the illusion of a very expansive building even though this hall is probably on the smaller size in comparison to Carnegie Hall or the Lincoln Center in NYC.  Pdho and I invited his parents to come as well since JFuji gave us 4 tickets.


Inside the Concert Hall

The concert featured Pinchas Zukerman who is supposedly a world-renowned conductor and violinist.  The concert featured a full symphony orchestra playing Stravinsky’s Concerto in D, Haydn’s Symphony No. 83, “The Hen”, and Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.  I wasn’t too familiar with any of the music, but it was still enjoyable, nonetheless.  I found myself watching and listening intently to try and discern the sound that each instrument added to the entire sound of the symphony.  If you notice, often times, there are points in the songs where some instruments don’t play at all and I would try to figure out how the overall sound changes when they would start playing.  Nerdy, I know!

We had some pretty primo seats in a relatively large yet intimate concert hall.  We had some nice box seats with a perfect view of the stage.  As I looked around, I noticed that the audience skewed a little bit older which is to be expected, but there were definitely more people on the younger side than I thought would be there.  I think living in NYC for so many years, the accessibility to cultural events seemed to reach a broader audience, so I remember seeing A LOT of young people going to the ballet and opera, but this maybe unique to a city like NYC.  I’m not totally sure.  I have to admit that I didn’t fully broaden my cultural horizons until I moved to NYC, and I’m sure that this was probably true for many people.  I think given the extensive offerings of a big city like NYC, it probably makes the pricing a lot more affordable for the masses.  In fact, as I compare some of the prices for equivalent ballets, classical music concerts, Broadway shows, etc in SF compared to NYC, the prices in SF are noticeably higher.  So I’m sure that the pricing for events in OC can’t possibly be as competitive and hence, the more cost-prohibitive these types of events become for most people.  Nevertheless, tangent aside, I was very appreciative of JFuji’s connections and I really enjoyed the evening out.


Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall

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