Park City 2011

Canyons Resort

Each year as February approaches, it represents the advent of what has been an annual trip to Park City for a handful of ski/boarding-filled days. Pdho and his sister have been going with their friends for quite a few years now, but in the past couple of years, I have joined them bringing along my siblings as well.  Last year, although the snow was not as plentiful as in the previous year, it turned out to be quite a memorable trip since it was there at the Deer Valley Resort, on the Deer Crest lift to the top of the mountain, where Pdho proposed.

Smooth Obturator and Triple T
Pdho, Marathon Man, and Sdho

This year’s trip included Pdho, his sister (Sdho), my brother (Smooth Obturator), his wife (Triple T), Marathon Man, TUmmy and her friend, VCanto.  Normally, President’s Day is a holiday for my company, but this year, with the benefits changes due to integration, they decided to take this holiday away from us.  Damn Swiss!  It was no big deal really, but it annoyed me slightly to have to take a vacation day.

Anyways, this year also brought a whole lot of snow which actually made conditions very difficult to ski in.  Not only was it cold and windy, but during most days, it would actually be snowing, leading to virtual white-outs at the tops of many of the lifts.  There was so much snow that trying to ski through it felt just as strenuous if not more tiring tiring than a Twisted Fitness workout at the gym.  The snow was lumpy and in some areas where there was fresh snow, many of us got stuck almost waist-deep.  The weather eventually cleared up on the last day which is when braved the fierce crowds at the Canyons Resort which is actually where most of these pictures were taken.

Another memorable tid bit about the trip was seeing both Christy Turlington and Anna Paquin at Deer Valley.  TUmmy actually ran into Christy Turlington when she was at Park City and took over Christy’s table for apres-ski.  I thought Christy looked pretty much like she does on tv and in magazines, but Anna seemed a little more aged in real life.  I was looking around for both of their equally famous hubbies, but they were no where to be seen. Darn!

Smooth Obturator and Triple T


Pdho and Me

It was another nice trip to Park City, but I have to admit that even though there was plenty of fresh powder, it actually turned out to be the most tiring ski trip I’ve ever taken since I first learned to snowboard.  My legs were so sore by the end of each day, and it never got better.



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