Southeast Asian Potluck

A bunch of friends decided to get together and organize a Southeast Asian themed potluck.  Most of us invitees including the hosts are currently signed up for this Fat Loss Challenge, so we all tried to prepare something on the healthier side of delicious.  Some of us competing in the Fat Loss Challenge didn’t end up coming, and those of us that did come suspected that the No-Show’s were avoiding the extra calories that would come from the potluck.  Haha!  I thought maybe it would be better for me to stay home, but who am I kidding… I can’t say no to a fiesta of food plus it was taking place in clubroom in my building, so it seemed rather silly for me to not go.

Steamed Mussels and the Spread
Rest of the Spread

As usual, the pictures are courtesy of Pdho, and although he did a great job of capturing a variety of moments throughout the preparation and actual meal, I think he missed out on some of the dishes that came out at the end.  By that time, we were all pretty hungry and ready to dig into all the good grub.  So unfortunately, we didn’t get actual pictures of some of those dishes.  SO made some Pan-Fried Tuna Cakes and AR made a Sinigang with Shrimp, which is a Filipino-style sour soup.  Even though there weren’t any pictures of their fruits of labor, there are pictures of them hard at work preparing it all.

MissMM checking out SO's tuna cakes
AR prepping for the sinigang

IT, Pdho and myself prepared our dishes at home, and coincidentally enough, we all went with Vietnamese cuisine. I am often surprised by Pdho’s culinary inspirations.  While we were shopping for ingredients for my noodles, he was on a mission to find ingredients for his dessert.  I wasn’t expecting he was going to make anything for the potluck.  It was kind of funny, but he was intent on making Almond Jello with Jackfruit and Longan.  Granted, any judge on Top Chef would question whether he really cooked anything with that dessert, but I think it was quite popular with everyone that evening.

Almond Jello with Jackfruit and Longan

IT prepared a Vietnamese Papaya and Carrot Salad with Chicken with all the appropriate garnishes, mints and the fish sauce-based dressing. I made Vermicelli Noodles with Crab Meat which is a favorite dish of mine that I have learned to make over the years. It really isn’t that hard actually, but it is very delicious especially when you put a lot of lump crab meat in it.  Yummy!

Papaya and Carrot Salad with Chicken
Vermicelli Noodles with Crab Meat

In addition to the Almond Jello, AR and SO also made some Bread Pudding. I forget exactly what was in it. I think there were some Granny Smith apples and wheat bread…. again, in keeping with the theme of healthy-eating.  I have to admit that although it sounded too healthy to be any good, it actually was good.

MissMM also came prepared to serve two dishes.  She made some steamed mussels with a beer-based broth and a larb using ground turkey.  I’ve never had larb before, but I guess it’s a salad made of minced meat usually found in Laos or the Northern part of Thailand.

Turkey Larb
The Hosts Hard at Work

It was quite fun I thought.  I think we were all inspired with the evening, and forgetting the Fat Loss Challenge for a bit, we got overly-excited about our next food event.  We tossed around ideas to do an Iron Chef-based event, but I think in all reality, we probably won’t be getting together until this stupid Fat Loss Challenge is over.  Haha!

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  1. Overworked says:

    Vermicelli = bun, glass noodles = mien. Larb is one of my favorite dishes at Thai restaurants!

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