A Top Chef-testant’s Truck

I have been rather curious to check out 3-Sum Eats ever since I heard it was making its debut on the SF Food Truck scene a couple of months ago. Admittedly, my curiosity was driven partly by my mini-crush way back when on Ryan Scott, former Top Chef contestant from Season 4 in Chicago, who is the mastermind behind 3-Sum Eats‘ “Get Sauced, Tossed & Sandwiched” themed menu. I’m not sure I totally understand what that means, but it seems that the menu offers a rolling selection of 3 different sandwiches, 3 sides and 3 desserts.  I heard that the 3-Sum Eats truck was making its way over to Brisbane for lunch, so I rallied a few co-workers to go and check it out.  EllenitaEats and NH ended up joining me for a quick lunchtime run.

Kitchen Sink Cookie

Although the variety of different sandwiches seemed interesting, I was actually more interested in the Kitchen Sink cookie which seems to be a mix of potato chips, pretzels, toffee and coffee.  It reminded me a little bit of a similar cookie from Milk Bar called Compost cookie which also used potato chips and pretzels.  The Kitchen Sink cookie turned out to be this huge cookie over 6 inches in diameter, but it didn’t end up tasting as good as the Compost cookie (although now that Milk Bar mass produces them, even they don’t taste as good as the originals one I had).  There was a little bit too much going on in the cookie, but it ended up being a little too sweet and gooey.  I am thinking there was a little too much toffee maybe.

Mac-n-Cheese Spring Rolls

Having the rather embarrassing weakness for Mac n Cheese that I have, I had to order the Mac-n-Cheese Spring Rolls.  It was macaroni and cheese wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and served with a fondue dipping sauce.  I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed.  The mac-n-cheese tasted a little bit sour, and although I liked the flakiness of the wrapper, I don’t think it went well with the creaminess of the macaroni.

Butterscotch Twinkies

The Butterscotch Twinkies turned out to be the best thing I ordered.  I was quite surprised by how good it tasted especially considering that I don’t normally like butterscotch, but the cream filling wasn’t as sweet as I would have expected.  The cake itself was very tasty and had a nice denseness to it, kind of like pound cake.  All in all, it was really very delicious and I’m thinking of the next time it rolls around so I can buy another 2-pack to snack on.

Me and Ryan Scott

It didn’t look like Ryan Scott was manning the truck that day that we arrived, but I met him awhile back at the Fremont Arts and Craft Festival and I remember thinking he was pretty cute then, and I actually saw him again with Jamie Lauren, another Top Chef-testant, at the SF Food Festival a couple years ago.  He makes his rounds at the various food events in the Bay Area, so it’s only fitting that he’s started up a food truck that is going to be making the rounds all over SF.  I’ll have to give his sandwiches a try the next time I visit, but I think it’s going to have to wait a couple of months until the BF Challenge is over, because a lot of the sandwiches look pretty heavy and I probably can’t handle the calories right now.  Haha!

PAFO Ratings for 3 Sum Eats:
Price $½
Ambiance N/A
Food 3 stars
Overall rating 3 stars


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Overworked says:

    mac & cheese FRIED spring roll? and that butterscotch thing totally looks like a twinkie. like seriously? how can you eat this on the fat challenge?

  2. Jennee says:

    you are right… none of this was good for the fat challenge, but i only ate 1 spring roll, a bite of the cookie and 1 1/2 of the twinkie (spread over 2 meals). the rest i gave to other people to eat. hehe! =D

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