Biking the Strand the Other Way

H.o.P. (aka my family) decided to spend the day biking from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica and back. It seemed like a fun activity that we could all together, and considering we were planning on taking my mom out for her birthday that evening, it seemed like a good way to work up an appetite.  Last year, I had biked with Smooth Obturator and Triple T going south along the Strand from Manhattan Beach, so this time, we decided to head north.

Pit Stop for Lunch

We started around 11am and ended up stopping for lunch in Marina del Rey. By the time we got to Santa Monica, it was the middle of the afternoon. Although it was a little cloudy in the morning, it ended up being warmer than it looked. I ended up getting burned on my hands.  By the time we got back to MB, we only had time to shower before heading out to dinner at Osteria Mozza.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. Biking is much easier than running for sure, so it wasn’t like we got the most rigorous workout.  I thought it was great quality time with the family which can be hard to come by these days.  I’ve come to appreciate it even more these days.


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