World’s Largest Human DNA Helix

World's Largest Human DNA Helix - Courtesy of

In effort to build spirit and camaraderie among the employess, my company decided to organize an initiative to build the largest human DNA helix for the Guinness World Records. It sounded like an interesting idea, so along with many of my co-workers, we headed over early one afternoon to line up and participate.

World Record Starts Here
Entrance to the DNA Helix

Little did I realize how big this was going to be and how many people who had come to line up probably wouldn’t get to be a part of such an interesting event. I think the helix was designed to accommodate about 2000 people, but there were a whole bunch more than that who showed up so in the end a huge number of them were turned away and went to enjoy the food and drink a little early.

Waiting in Line
A Look at the Line
Another Look at the Line

Seeing how organized the effort to form the largest human DNA helix was really rather impressive.  They had the exact number of colored hats counted out for each segment of the helix, and the outline of the helix was drawn in chalk on the ground.  It turned out to be an uncharacteristically warm day which was great for being out and about, but it did start feeling slightly uncomfortable after about 30min standing out in the sun with thousands of people crammed together.

Hats or Nucleotides?
More Hats and Nucleotides

It was long and surprisingly fun, but a little over 2 hours later, we had succeeded in building the largest human DNA helix which went straight into the record books.  It’s kind of nice that the company still does little things like this…. Let’s just hope it lasts for some time….


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