Off the Grid Again

Off the Grid at Fort Mason
Off the Grid at Fort Mason

Pdho and I haven’t been back to Off the Grid since it first debuted at Fort Mason last year.  Although we loved the food truck frenzy concept, the cold gloom commonly felt across the Marina has represented a huge deterrent especially for Pdho.


Pork Dumplings from Saucy Dumplings
Dumplings from Happy Dumplings

After doing a relatively brisk walk around to see what was on the menus of the various different trucks and stands, I immediately decided that dumplings would be a good way to start the meal.  I couldn’t decide between Saucy Dumplings or Happy Dumplings, but very much to my surprise, Pdho said, “Just try both!”  I knew he must have been equally hungry.  The dumplings were all tasty but nothing terribly out of the ordinary.  The main difference is the that the Happy Dumplings are made from a thicker skin… kind of Shanghai style, while Saucy Dumplings uses a thinner, wonton-style like skin.


Shrimp Scampi with Garlic Rice from Iz It

I had high hopes for the Shrimp Scampi with Garlic Rice, but I was severely disappointed when I realized that the shrimps still had their shells.  The garlic seasoning wasn’t bad, but I was very annoyed with having to get my fingers all greasy and garlic-covered.  Unless they de-shell it for me, I will not be ordering it again.


Spam Musubi from Iz It

I love spam musubi, and this particular one from Iz It was good but not great.  I think the spam might have been a little bit too dry maybe from being over-cooked.


Run DMC from Brass Knuckles

Although quite small, I really liked Brass Knuckle’s take on Tuna Tartar.  This was surprisingly good for some tuna tartar out of a truck.  The fried wonton cracker was a little bit oily, but the tuna tartar was quite delicious.  It was seasoned with the right amount of soy, sesame oil and green onions.


Snoop Dog from Brass Knuckle

Next to Costco, this is probably one of the best hot dogs I’ve ever had.  It’s a 4505 bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with teriyaki-flavored mayo, slaw, bonito flakes and furikake.  I think the bonito flakes were a little unnecessary, but I guess it added to the whole Japa-themed dog.  The hot dog had that juicy, salty taste of a real beefy hot dog.  I liked the teriyaki-mayo and cole slaw as it added a completely different twist to the hot dog.


Chicken Green Curry from Zombie Curry

The curry looked extremely tempting, but upon the first bite, all I tasted was spice… and lots of it.  It wasn’t bad and was filled with lots of chicken and bamboo, which I like, but I would have preferred it to be slightly thicker in consistency and just a tad less spicy.

Overall, it was a very filling dinner.  There were still a bunch of other vendors that we couldn’t try for lack of space in our tummies, but that just means we’ll have to come back another day.  Generally speaking, the food varies between average to slightly above average depending on the food trucks you choose, but the fun part of it is being able to try a variety of different things from a number of different food trucks.  The real winner from today’s excursion was Brass Knuckle with their Snoop Dog and Run DMC.  Both were the best of the bunch this evening. It’s a fun experience, and I would recommend everyone going to check it out especially since Off the Grid seems to be expanding like crazy with increasing days and locations.


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