Kayaking in Sausalito

With our Zozi deal about to expire, Pdho, TUmmy and I decided to take advantage of a potentially warm and sunny Saturday to head over to Sausalito to go kayaking.  Lately, the weather has been so cold and windy that we were afraid it might ruin our time out on the water, but thankfully enough, it turned out to be practically perfect.  Not only was it a clear day, but there was very little wind allowing us to be able to enjoy the warmth of the sun and also making for a very easy and relaxing ride in our kayak.

Scene from the Beach
Pdho and I
TUmmy and I

Everyone were thinking the same thing as we were and ended up flocking to the beach to participate in all water-related activities.  It really was a beautiful day.

Kayaking in Sync

TUmmy and I decided to share a double kayak.  With the two of us rowing in sync, it made for quite a leisurely ride on the way out.  On the way back, the wind seemed to pick up and waters were a bit a rougher, so in less than 15 minutes, TUmmy went from saying “I don’t think I’ve worked out enough to deserve San Tung” to “I’m ready to eat! Let’s hurry back!”

Pregnant Mama Seal
Seals or Large Pieces of Poo?

The seals supposedly just gave birth, so even though they probably weren’t all pregnant, they sure did look larger than your average-sized seals.  We had to be careful not to get too close, because we didn’t want to scare them back into the water, but it really was kind of neat to get as close as we did.

Houseboat with an Asian Twist

There was a whole neighborhood of houseboats located along the waterfront area.  It was amazing the variety of different “houses” that were there.  Some literally looked like a house built on a boat, some were simple homes built on a foundation over water, and there were actually others that were like mansions.

Pdho Going Solo
Kayaking On His Own

It was a truly wonderful day to be out and about enjoying the great weather and doing something a little different.  I’m glad the Zozi deal didn’t go to waste, and even though, it wasn’t as strenuous of a workout as we probably could have had, we still ended up heading to lunch at San Tung.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Our San Tung was well deserved!!

  2. Overworked says:

    Hahaha I like the poo caption!!

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