An Evening with Blue Men

Blue Man Group has been around forever.  I remember having the opportunity to go see them in Vegas back when I was in college, but my friend had told me he didn’t think I would enjoy it, because it was a little bit “alternative.”  I don’t really recall what he meant by that, but as a result, I have hesitated ever going to check out a show despite living in NYC for several years and visiting Vegas many, many times where Blue Man Group have permanent shows.

Blue Man Group - Courtesy of BMG Website

When I mentioned to Pdho that the Blue Man Group was having a limited run at the Golden Gate Theater in SF, he quite ecstatically suggested that we should go see them.  Pdho happily goes along with things I suggest, but it isn’t often where he is all into the idea of seeing something.  So after finding some discounted tickets, we ended up going to a Wednesday evening showing.

It was a very entertaining show.  I suppose the best way of describing it is like a mix of Stomp and Cirque du Soleil (without the acrobatics).  It has the rhythmic pounding and musical elements like Stomp, but it doesn’t command the entire show like Stomp does… which sadly can put you to sleep after awhile.  However, the Blue Men intersperse comedic skits throughout the show the same the clowns break up the acts during Cirque du Soleil shows.  Some of the skits really incorporated some modern elements of today like the use of a giant iPhone.  Even though the show ran just over 90 minutes, it was definitely one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable shows (that isn’t Cirque du Soleil ) I’ve been to in awhile.


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