Chez Papa for Lunch

Chez Papa Resto

With another BBE deal about to expire, Pdho and I decided to head on over to have lunch at Chez Papa Resto.  I was quite satisfied with the dinner we had last year, so I was looking forward to seeing what the lunch menu would be like.

It happened to be a relatively nice day, so the outside seating area was relatively full of lunchtime diners.  We decided to sit inside though where it happened to be pretty empty.  I do find it a little bit odd for a restaurant like Chez Papa Resto to offer a BBE deal, but I guess every restaurant could use a little help in building some traffic and supplementing their business.  Since it seems like Chez Papa Resto doesn’t have problems with dinner service, it makes sense that the BBE deal was only for lunch or brunch.


Cheese and Chorizo-Filled Dates

I’ve really grown to like the sweet taste of the dates, so when the waitress mentioned these cheese and chorizo-filled dates as an appetizer special, I had to have them.  I didn’t expect the dates to be coated in a breadcrumb-like batter which I thought made the dates taste even drier.  The Romesco tomato sauce was a good attempt at adding some flavor, but in general, I wasn’t too impressed with the dish.


Charred Local Squid

The squid was perfectly grilled and tossed with mixed greens, Medjool dates, mizuna, chorizo and a romesco sauce.  The bitterness of the greens was a little off-putting, but I really enjoyed the taste of the squid.


Grilled Flatiron Steak

The flatiron steak was not evenly cooked which I found rather disappointing.  The part that was grilled to a nice medium rare was tasty, but the medium cooked portion was dry and unappetizing.  I did enjoy the steak frites which were sprinkled with some rosemary and other herbs giving it a little different twist.


Braised Pork Belly

I really didn’t want this dish, but I’ve never seen a pork dish that Pdho couldn’t turn down so he insisted on ordering it in spite of my protests.  It ended up being rich and fatty which one would expect from pork belly, but even though the skin was fried, it didn’t taste as crispy as it looked.  Normally, the fattiness of the pork goes down nicer with some crispy pork skin to give some contrasting texture, but it ended up tasting too heavy.  I didn’t like it, but the orzo was quite good.  Along with the mix of spring vegetables and asparagus, the orzo served as a subtle balance for the pork.

Overall, this wasn’t as successful of a meal as the previous dinner we had.  I definitely enjoyed the food the first time much more.  The food tasted pretty average this time, but I guess with the BBE deal, it made it much more palatable.  I would still recommend the restaurant though, because I think the food is solid. My main critique is that with an above average price tag, I would expect much more consistency in the execution of their menu.


Chez Papa Resto
4 Mint Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94103

PAFO Ratings for Chez Papa Resto:
Price $$$½
Ambiance 3½ stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3½ stars

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