Garlic Noodles on the Go

An the Go

I was quite excited when I heard the An Family (from Thanh Long and the Crustaceans restaurants) was going to be starting up a food truck, An the Go.  I have been tracking them ever since their first announcement, but I was completely giddy when I found out their would be making some regular appearances on campus at work.  Although I’ve been unimpressed with their attempts to be hip (see my review of An Qi), I somehow had higher hopes that they would be able to successfully execute on this new food trend especially when I found out that the garlic noodles would be the centerpiece of their menu.  Although they are equally famous for their special preparation of crabs, unfortunately, those tasty crustaceans won’t be coming on the truck.  It’s not like they are easily edible when it comes to food truck fare anyways.

I found my way over one gloomy day when surprisingly enough, there wasn’t too long of a line.  I happened to get out of my meeting early, so I thought I would just stop by.  I wasn’t expecting to find myself eating there so I just had my iPhone to capture this particular culinary adventure.


Crispy Imperial Roll

The Crispy Imperial Roll was actually made with ground meat and mushrooms, and I have to say, it was pretty good.  I think they might have told me that it was ground chicken which seems a little bit odd, but either way, it tasted quite delicious.  It was also surprisingly pretty authentic with the rice paper wrapper which is distinctly used with Vietnamese egg rolls.  I was very impressed with the crispiness of the wrapper since these rice paper wrappers tend to have a gumminess to them when you bite into it.  My main complaint is the $3 price for 1 egg roll.  Absurd! It was so small.


Coconut Prawns

The Coconut Prawns, in of itself, were okay, but the sweet and sour-like dipping sauce was really what made these babies taste even better.  The sauce covered the taste of the coconut flake covered batter which I wasn’t a fan of, and even though, these shrimps were not that big, at least there were three of them to an order for the same price of 1 Imperial Roll.


Garlic Noodles

Having just recently tried the garlic noodles from the Lil Green Cyclo truck, I was quite prepared to make a comparison between these two vendors.  I have to say that the Garlic Noodles from An the Go definitely won out.  The noodles were moist with a strong distinct garlic butter flavor.  The texture of the noodles were softer which I actually enjoyed much more than the al dente version from Lil Green Cyclo.  These noodles were really quite tasty and at $7.50, I can’t say they were a bargain but at least there was a decent serving size.  I didn’t order anything with the garlic noodles, but there are options to add some chicken, beef or pork skewers for an additional $2.50.

Overall, I enjoyed the food from An the Go, but I have to say the prices are a little outrageous.  Granted, most of the prices for a lot of the food served on these food trucks tend to be on the high side which is ironic, because one would think that the overhead on these trucks would be less and therefore, the prices would be less… but thus is the trend with these new age food trucks.  Nevertheless, I would probably still go back and try it again mainly because garlic noodles are a little harder to find and these really are quite delicious.  I would definitely recommend checking them out, but be prepared for the sticker shock.


PAFO Ratings for An the Go:
Price $½
Ambiance N/A
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3 stars


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Overworked says:

    Does Hubster approve of all your food truck lunchin’?

    1. Jennee says:

      Haha! Hubster doesn’t always know when I go, but I do try and bring back some leftovers… like the garlic noodles… for him to enjoy. =)

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