Strike Out Cancer

View of AT&T Park

I don’t get out to the ball park very often which might be a little bit embarrassing considering I live across the street.  I guess I’m just not a huge fan, but I have to admit that I still enjoy going to a game whenever I get the chance because it actually can be a lot of fun.  Not necessarily because I totally get into the game, but the whole social aspect outside of the actual game is quite fun.  With tasty food and the company of good friends, it can be a great time.

This was my first game of the season courtesy of work, and boy was it a truly beautiful day.  Not only was it a clear day, but it was warm and sunny.  Not one hint of a breeze that typically characterizes the weather at AT&T.  It was definitely a perfect day for baseball.

Posing at the Park

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  1. TE says:

    Your work pays for you to go watch baseball? WOW! How about a food review of Orlando’s Carribbean BBQ? Cha cha Bowl is the bomb!!! Or how about the crabmeat sandwich @ Fresh catch? never had that. Great pics.

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