Tosh on Ice

Tosh on Ice

I don’t know much about Daniel Tosh or his show Tosh.O on Comedy Central, so when Farmer Fuji asked if Pdho and I wanted to go see him perform at the Honda Center, I was interested but not really excited.  Farmer Fuji kept saying he might be a little bit offensive, but I didn’t think I would be bothered.  Generally speaking, I am pretty ambivalent when it comes to stand-up comedy.  They rarely make me bust out, and at most, they get a hearty laugh once or twice.  It’s kind of funny, because if you know me, I am always laughing, but I think it takes a certain type of a comedy to really tickle my funny bone.  One of the opening acts actually got quite a bit of laughter from me.  Dwayne Perkins did a couple of bits, but I really enjoyed this bit he did on how white people were the best dancers.  It was quite hilarious!

Needless to say, Daniel Tosh’s humor is quite provocative and he definitely touches on topics that you wouldn’t think would be appropriate like 9/11, terrorism, and death.  I didn’t feel that offended by most of his comedy, but I also didn’t find myself laughing that much UNLIKE the rest of the audience which included Pdho.  He definitely enjoyed the show.  It was still a pretty good time even though it wasn’t exactly my type of comedy, but I suppose his humor is a little more on the provocative side.  I give him props for not resorting to poop and fart jokes.


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