Cirque’s Appearance at Radio City Music Hall

I have been on a Cirque du Soleil roll lately.  Although I just saw Iris at the Kodak Theater a few weeks ago when I was in LA, I was also wanting to see Zarkana which was making a limited run at the Radio City Music Hall.  Since we were going to be in NYC and I had found some discounted tickets, I was ready to go.  Considering how expensive these Cirque du Soleil shows are these days, they usually have me at “discounted tickets.”


Radio City Music Hall

In all the time that I lived in NYC, I have never actually been to Radio City Music Hall, so it was kind of a neat experience in of itself. Radio City Music Hall is rather impressive.  It’s rather large with a very expansive feel.


Stage inside Radio City Music Hall

Unfortunately, the show was a lot less impressive than the place in which it took place.  I’m not even sure where to start.

I really didn’t enjoy the music mainly because they strayed from the foreign sounding mumbo jumbo lyrics.  So all the songs had a more pop-like feel and were sung completely in English.  It reminded me a little bit of Phantom but much more modern.  No offense to Sir Elton John, who is credited as composer and lyricist, but I felt it just didn’t go with the show.



Most of the acts, particularly in the first half of the show, were boring.  Like it’s one thing if it is not impressive, because I do think since I’ve gone to so many shows, it becomes harder to be awed by the acts in the shows.  However, these acts were not good at all.  In fact, they were so bad that I can’t even remember them anymore.

The second half got a little better and saved the show from being a total waste of time.  One particular act was quite unique and interestingly, not acrobatic at all.  They essentially had a lighted box with sand that was then projected onto the stage.  Then a lady would draw and move the sand around to create beautiful images using the black and white, light and shadow affect.  It was surprisingly neat.


Posing with one of the performers

It was a rather disappointing show…. although definitely not as bad as Quidam which I saw at the Cow Palace in Daly City.  However, Quidam was bad, because the quality did not feel up to par for Cirque du Soleil.  The acts themselves weren’t that bad.  Zarkana is generally kind of boring, and I didn’t enjoy the music and very few of the acts.  It isn’t a show I would recommend, because I definitely think there are much better Cirque du Soleil shows out there.


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  1. Docndo says:

    Are there any Cirque shows you haven’t seen yet?

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