Zipping Across Justin Herman Plaza

View from the Top of the Zip Line

It was one of those rare beautifully perfect days in San Francisco, and since Pdho and I happened to be free, we decided to go check out the Zip Lining place that was set up in Justin Herman Plaza.  The same company had made their inaugural appearance last summer and was offering free zip lining rides across the plaza last year.  Unfortunately, I don’t work in the city, but I heard the lines were pretty horrendous so I never really got to check it out.  This year, they started charging $30, so I would think the lines wouldn’t have been that long, but I’m not totally sure.  According them, business seems like it has been doing well, but who knows.  All I can say, is it was a beautiful day and there was no wait whatsoever, but there seemed to be a steady stream of people.


Looking Down the Zip Line

The view from the top of the zip line was pretty fantastic especially on a clear day like today.  I was actually quite excited climbing the steps to the top, but when I got there, the lady in front of me was kind of freaking out.  Her husband kept telling her to calm down, but she kept repeating “I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this” all the way until they sent her down the zip line.  I wasn’t feeling nervous, but that lady kind of made me start rethinking the calmness that had overcome me.



I really didn’t have much time to think, because once they let us go, it was like 15 seconds to the end of the zip line.  It was surprisingly fun considering how short the ride and unobstructed the path was.  Check out the video above.



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