Waffles That Wow


Pdho pretty much eats everything.  There are very few things that he dislikes (like bell peppers for one), but I can safely say that one of things he REALLY likes and what I would equate to a craving is the waffle.  Any kind of waffle there is, he is always wanting it.  We’ll be down in San Jose, and he’ll order the Vietnamese green coconut waffle (also known as Banh Kep).  Then we were vacationing a couple of years ago in Italy and he kept wanting a waffle every time we saw it in a gelateria.  Unfortunately, everytime we ordered it, it ended up being stale and dry.

Nevertheless, I was pretty skeptical about the waffles that were being sold at the Blue Bottle coffee stand in the Ferry Building.  I’m happy to report that I was wrong, and those waffles are the best waffles I’ve ever had especially when it comes right off the hot waffle iron.  They are light and fluffy and have just enough butter and sugar to be just as tasty on its own without any need for additional syrup.  Sadly, the line is unbelievably long especially on the weekend, but I think most people are waiting to order the coffee.  However, it is totally worth the wait. I definitely recommend trying them out, but you should try and go early, because they have been known to run out.


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  1. Overworked says:

    You should rename the title, “Donuts shaped like waffles that wow.”

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