Lobster Roll from a Trailer

I wrote this post so long ago that after all this time, it turns out the truck is no longer in existence. Go figure…. It still is worth chronicling the food, because they do have a new location in Burlingame so this might be a good indicator of the food there.

New England Lobster Company

I forget exactly how I found out about this place, but I think it was from some co-workers who often pass it on their way home.  It’s located quite close to work, so I decided to organize a lunch eating with some fellow foodies to go and check it out.  The New England Lobster Company is a seafood wholesaler, and my friends, Mr. & Mrs. CAsper have mentioned this place to me before, so it all came together when I arrived and saw that behind the trailer stand was a smallish store front showcasing a variety of fresh and frozen seafood for purchase.

Lobster Roll

I love lobster rolls ever since I had my first one back in NYC at some restaurant that I can’t really remember the name of anymore.  It was a long time ago.  I think the big complaint I have with them is that they tend to be kind of expensive (easily over $15) and don’t seem to be very big.  It’s hard to blame the purveyors though, because lobster doesn’t come cheap.

In New England Lobster Company‘s case though, I think it’s a reasonable price for the size of the roll and amount of lobster that you get.  At $15.50 (although I thought it was slightly cheaper), you get a ~6in soft roll filled with plenty of lobster meat, a side of cole slaw and a bag of potato chips.  The lobster meat is lightly mixed with mayo, salt and pepper allowing for the pure lobster flavor to come through with each bite.  I particularly like the bread, because it’s soft, buttery and the light toasting adds a bit of crunch that I really enjoy.  The cole slaw is decent.  Like the lobster roll, it isn’t made with a lot of mayo and has a tangier taste, but I’m not a fan of the raisins that are mixed in it.

They also offer a Crab roll for $14 which I equally like.  The light mayo and seasoning doesn’t mask the flavor which can often happen with these seafood sandwiches. It’s a tough call deciding which one I like better.  Both are pretty good, so I would definitely recommend going back twice and giving them both a test drive.

All in all, I was very impressed with the sandwiches here.   It isn’t cheap, but when they give you a healthy helping of fresh-tasting lobster and crab meat, you can’t complain too much.  I would also say that the lobster roll here is much better than the version from Sam’s Chowdermobile.  I’ve tried their lobster rolls and although it is good, I don’t recall it being as tasty as the one that is served at the New England Lobster Company.  So I would recommend saving up your lunch money for the week and making a trip to enjoy the Lobster Roll here.

New England Lobster Company Lobster Trailer
170 Mitchell Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080

PAFO Ratings for New England Lobster Company Lobster Trailer:
Price $½
Ambiance N/A
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 3½ stars


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