Blue Plate Special

Another old entry making its way into the light. It’s a decent neighborhood eatery even though it’s not in mine. =)

The Blue Plate

With the expiration date of my discount certificate looming, Pdho and I made a reservation for a weeknight dinner at The Blue Plate.  This was obviously before we had kids, but it’s a place worth posting on.  It’s a cozy little restaurant in Bernal Heights serving American comfort cuisine.  It’s supposedly famous for its fried chicken, but I heard there were quite a few other dishes that tasted better.  The restaurant doesn’t look very big, but it actually runs pretty deep, so once you walk past the front dining room which provides the perfect view of the open kitchen, you enter the back dining room which is a little less cramped and offers a more peaceful dining experience.

Grilled Squid
Grilled Rib Eye

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, my appetite hasn’t been the same.  It’s not that I feel any nausea, vomiting or anything resembling morning sickness, but I just don’t find as much enjoyment in food as I used to.  My taste buds don’t seem affected, so I still taste the food just fine. What has changed is I haven’t been eating as much as I normally would and so I don’t end up over ordering which I normally would as well.

We ordered the Grilled Squid as an appetizer to share.  It was served with a black starchy rice of some sort, almost like it was made with squid ink.  The squid was very well-cooked, tender and flavorful.

Instead of Fried Chicken, we ordered the Grilled Rib Eye which was served with a creamy polenta and beets.  The beef was a perfect medium rare.  It was juicy and very  well-seasoned.  I particularly enjoyed the creaminess of the polenta.

The Blue Plate Meatloaf

The real star of the meal was the The Blue Plate Meatloaf which came with some buttery mashed potatoes and healthy side of crunchy haricot verts.  I don’t often eat meatloaf, but I was quite impressed with how this particular take managed to have a combination of flavors that made you forget it was a baked chunk of ground meat.  It was seasoned nicely, and I really really liked it.

Although the menu looked interesting, I can’t say my expectations were too high since many restaurants that offer these discount certificates usually offer mediocre food and need some help in driving customers to their restaurant.  The food turned out to be quite delicious.  It definitely exudes a homey feel and doesn’t bother with a lot of fuss.  It’s simple food that is relatively well-executed.  I would highly recommend giving it a try if anything just to try their most excellent meatloaf.  Another thing to note is that I would recommend sitting in the back dining room, otherwise you’ll end up leaving the restaurant with the smell of the greasy kitchen hanging on your clothes.

The Blue Plate
3218 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

PAFO Ratings for The Blue Plate:
Price $$½
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3½ stars

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