Searching for Sushi in Scottsdale

There seemed to be a lot of excitement when Roka Akor opened their location in San Francsicso that I found it so random that a highly regarded high end restaurant with its origin in London would include Scottsdale in their American footprint. Since I happened to be in town for work and wanting a good meal, I decided to see what it was all about.

From Top Left Clockwise: Sashimi, Toro Nigiri, Dessert, Butterfish Tataki, and Dynamite Scallop Roll

The menu offered a rainbow of options spanning from sashimi to rolls to robata to non-seafood cooked plates.  I was craving sushi and although I was thinking a place that was trying to please many palates may not satisfy my appetite.  Nevertheless, I went for sushi anyways.

To start the meal, I ordered the Butterfish Tataki topped with yuzu and wasabi pea seasoning. If you have never had butterfish, it is just as rich and delicious as it sounds. The fruit enveloped by the butterfish added a nice zest to each morsel. I really liked the wasabi pea seasoning because it had fried garlic but didn’t have as strong of a nose clearing kick that wasabi normally has.

Next up was the Dynamite Scallop Roll which is a snow crab filled roll topped with seared scallops and chili aioli sauce. This definitely had quite the kick.  It tasted perfectly fine, but nothing terribly memorable as far as sushi rolls go.

My sashimi sampling included Sake (salmon), Medai (blue nose), Kampachi (baby yellowtail), Hamachi (yellowtail), Maguro (tuna), Hirame (halibut), Suzuki (sea bass), and then I added on some Toro (fatty tuna) as well.  Overall, the sushi was was fine.  It wasn’t particularly mind blowing, but it was decent…. solid.

I did not need anymore food after all that, but I decided to wash it all done with a couple of scoops of sorbet and mochi ice cream.

All in all, it was a good meal. Nothing particularly amazing to warrant such a high price tag, but I guess it’s really targeting the demographic which is looking for a very hip scene type of place that serves exotic food and fancy drinks.  A place that is really more about the scene and ambiance than the food.  I’m not sure if the food in SF is going to be better, but considering how expensive it is, I doubt I will make my way over there unless someone else is paying.


Roka Akor
7299 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

PAFO Ratings for Roka Akor:
Price $$$½
Ambiance 3½ stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3 stars

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