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Barceloneta is located right in the heart of Barcelona’s picturesque beaches and offers a huge menu spanning mainly seafood but also including some earth bound brethren like veal. The restaurant is actually quite spacious with plenty of seating out on the balcony which is where we sat so we could enjoy the wonderfully warm weather and picturesque view of the waterfront.

Squid Two Ways
Squid Two Ways

Both preparations of the squid were pretty traditional, grilled and fried, but I really enjoyed both of them.  I rarely encounter a dish of fried calamari that I don’t like, and this one was no different, although it might have been a bit on the oily side.  The grilled squid, however, was quite remarkable for its freshness.  The squid was super tender and very simply well-seasoned.  This was definitely the highlight of the meal.

“Rossejat” Seafood Noodles
“Rossejat” Seafood Noodles

Truthfully, one of the reasons I chose this restaurant was that it showed up when I was looking for paella in Barcelona, but since I already had paella the other night, I decided to try the Rossejat instead, which is essentially a noodle version of paella where fideo noodles replace the arborio rice.  I actually enjoyed this more than the paella I had at Can Solé, and from what I saw at the other tables, the paella here might have been even better as well.

Overall, this restaurant is worth a repeat visit. Considering the menu is very extensive, I would be open to coming back and trying some other things the next time I have a chance to come back to Barcelona.

Port Vell, Moll dels Pescador, Moll de l’Escar, 22
08039 Barcelona, Spain

PAFO Ratings for Barceloneta:
Price $$½
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3½ stars


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