Ike’s Newest Place for Dirty Sandwiches

Ike’s Place has been around for several years now with its original location in Castro.  So when Pdho and I were on our way to open houses, we stumbled upon the newest location in San Mateo. It’s located in a small strip mall along 3rd Ave. just on the outskirts of the main downtown area. The space is small with very limited seating, but the menu looked extensive and quite intriguing.

On Left: Ménage à Trois; On Right: Huda and the Jilly Fish

I was a little overwhelmed looking at the amazingly extensive menu.  If it weren’t for the fact that I had heard about the Ménage à Trois, we would probably still be standing in line all goggly-eyed. It was made with Halal Chicken, Honey Mustard, Pepper Jack, Real Honey, Swiss, Cheddar, and BBQ Sauce, and I ordered it on Dutch Crunch bread.  This was my favorite sandwich.  The chicken was tasty but the sweet and savory combination of honey mustard and BBQ sauce mixed in with whatever is in the Dirty Sauce really made this sandwich absolutely delicious, albeit very messy to eat.  Supposedly, the Dirty Sauce is some secret sauce that is baked in to the bread and spread across every sandwich.  I have no idea what is, but I’m guess it is what helps to make this sandwich so tasty.

Pdho decided on the Huda and the Jillyfish after consulting with the girl who took our order who said she preferred this pastrami sandwich because of the Godfather Sauce.  I still don’t actually know what is in the sauce.  The sandwich is quite good, but as far as pastrami sandwiches, I’ve probably had better.  The pastrami meat itself probably didn’t taste as thick and juicy as what I’ve found in New York City, but the overall taste of the sandwich was dominated by the sauce, avocado and Pepper Jack cheese.

I look forward to coming back and trying other sandwiches on the list.  Pdho and I are slowly making our way around the downtown San Mateo area checking out different eateries when we’re in the ‘hood house hunting.  I think this definitely makes the list of places that warrant a repeat visit in the future.  The sandwiches are a good size and more than enough to fill you up.  I wonder how crowded this place may get once news spreads of its opening.  The space is really very small, so I would plan for getting sandwiches to go.

Ike’s Place
680 E. 3rd Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401

PAFO Ratings for Ike’s Place:
Price $½
Ambiance 2½ stars
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 4 stars

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