Jiro’s Protege Dreams of Sushi

Sushi Nakazawa

One of the best food documentaries I have ever seen (not that I’ve seen many) is Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I absolutely adore sushi and this movie tells the story of a simple Japanese man whose passion for the art of sushi is unparalleled. The cinematography is so amazing though that I am willing to bet even those with an aversion to raw fish would be salivating just seeing how beautiful the sushi looks. There is a memorable story in the film about an apprentice of Chef Jiro, Daisuke Nakazawa, who was struggling to perfect Tamago, the egg cake, which I usually dismiss as uninteresting. He eventually overcomes this challenge and you see the tears of joy overwhelm him. This man ended up moving to New York City to open a sushi restaurant in the West Village and it has supposedly become one of the hardest reservations to get in the city. Luckily enough, without much forethought and planning, I snagged a reservation for 2 at the sushi bar and ended up going with Hubster’s cousin, TDM.

There are probably 10 or so seats at the bar, but there is dining room in the back as well.  I have come to learn that the best seat in any sushi restaurant to fairly judge their skills is always going to be at the bar.  The restaurant looks very sleek and simple in decoration with about 4 or so chefs behind the bar.

Overall, the sushi was excellent.  It definitely leans more traditional  in terms of preparation and taste.  They appropriately seasoned each piece of nigiri with the right amount of soy sauce, wasabi, salt or whatever other simple ingredient is needed to bring out the fish’s flavor.  This is truly the best way to enjoy sushi because I don’t have to worry about flipping my sushi upside down to dip it in the soy sauce and ultimately drowning to the point that the flavor of the fish is lost.  In leaving all the work in the hands of the sushi chef, you truly get to taste the sushi how the chefs want you to enjoy it.  Needless to say, I will just leave the pictures here as no words can uniquely capture the high quality and taste of the sushi.

Cherry Salmon (Hokkaido)


Smoked Hoho Salmon (Washington State)


Scallop with Yuzu Pepper (Massachusetts)


Cuttlefish with Shiso Leaf


Flounder (Tokyo Bay)


Kuie Kelp


Japanese Spanish mackeral Spanish mackerel Aji


Spot Prawn


Snow Crab with Innards (Canada)


Skipjack Bonito


Soy Marinaded Zuke




Uni (Japan)


Salmon Roe (Alaska)


Toro Hand Roll with Tokyo Bay Seaweed






Yuzu Sorbet



Chefs Working Behind the Bar


Sushi Nakazawa
23 Commerce St
New York, NY 10014

PAFO Ratings for Sushi Nakazawa:
Price $$$$
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 4 stars


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