Copenhagen’s Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food

The whole food truck concept seems like such an American thing even though it is basically street food on wheels, and I’m sure street food has its origins somewhere outside of the United States.  However, I was still a little surprised to learn about Copenhagen Street Food on my first visit to this Danish capital which is located on PapirØen (Paper Island).  The location sits right next to the water with views of the Opera House, Copenhagen Harbour, and other sites I don’t know.  Since it was dark, I couldn’t really appreciate the view to its full potential.


Copenhagen Street Food is essentially a warehouse filled with almost 40 food stalls and bars representing food from across the globe spanning a myriad of different cuisines.  I happened to be there for a private event so I’m not sure if the ambiance with the cool mood lighting is typical but it definitely lent a hip vibe to the space.

Graffiti Fun

Since the space was rented out by my company for the evening, I am not sure if this arts and crafts area with the graffiti backdrop is normally there, but I would probably guess not.

Inside Copenhagen Street Food

There were a mix of stalls, bars and actual truck-like stands with a bunch of picnic-style tables spread out throughout the warehouse for a communal dining experience.  Enough about the space though and on to the food.  Not all of the stalls were open but a fair number of them were.  If it weren’t for a little research beforehand, I would have been overwhelmed with where to go.  Thankfully, I ended up making a beeline to this stall near the back and ended up being one of the first in line to order a Surf and Turf burger.

Surf and Turf Burger

The Surf and Turf Burger is a beef patty topped with King prawns and whiskey onions. Admittedly, the prawns look more like princes than kings, but they were an interesting touch.  Overall, it was good but I wouldn’t say it was the best burger I’ve had.  I think the concept of prawns on a burger are interesting, but it needed a little more flavor. “A” for effort though.


Smorgasbord are these open faced sandwiches, and since they are a Danish specialty, I felt compelled to give them a try.  I ordered one with a fried fish filet and another with chicken salad.  They were cold but I think the real reason I don’t like these sandwiches that much is because I’m not a fan of the bread. It’s too dense and nutty for my liking.

Thai food

I couldn’t help myself as I found myself in front of the Thai food stall debating on what to order. It was a chicken panang curry dish and although it wasn’t that good, like any Asian, I can’t go very long without some rice so this still hit the spot.

Overall, based on the small sampling of what I ordered, the food is rather unimpressive.  It could be that I didn’t order the right things, but truth be told, most of the time these street food/food court type places are always hit or miss.  Needless to the say, the concept is an interesting one and considering there are so many options many of which I had yet to try, I think this place is worth checking out if only as a last resort when you and your dining companions can’t agree on any one type of food to eat.
Copenhagen Street Food
Trangravsvej 14, 7/8
1436 Copenhagen

PAFO Ratings for Copenhagen Street Food:
Price $$½
Ambiance 2½ stars
Food 3 stars
Overall rating 3 stars


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