Roy’s for Families

One of the better places at which we ate (aside from our short sojourn into Waikiki) during our stay at Disney’s Aulani Resort was Roy’s at Ko Olina.  I’ve been to a couple of other locations including one in Waikiki and another in San Francisco.  Generally speaking, I think the food at the Hawaiian locations is far and away so much better than in San Francisco, but I was most impressed with this particular location because of how much they catered to families with children.  Given that we were here with 5 children under 5 who were all suffering from a bit of jet lag, the meal was a little bit chaotic.  However, what I really appreciated about the restaurant was how much they seemed to bend over backwards for us.  Not only did they give us a private room (which probably was as much for them as for us), they gave so many little freebies for the kids including some fruit & veggie appetizers and cookies and ice cream for dessert.  The restaurant is definitely not cheap, so being in the price range where appetizers run $15-20 and entrees are over $40, it probably makes more sense to give food away than try to charge young children.  Needless to say, in my opinion, if you’re looking for a good meal while you’re staying at the Aulani Resort, I would suggest Roy’s knowing that although it may weigh heavy on your pockets, you’ll be insured that you and your family will be treated well.

Unfortunately, I barely recall what I had for dinner, and I don’t think my sister even took pictures of what Hubster and I ordered.  So rather than trying to piece together the details of the meal myself, I’m going to just direct you over to my sister’s review at Overworked, Underfed.  I’ll just give you a preview of the pictures below.

Tempura King Crab Roll
Mochi Crusted Island Ahi
Portuguese and Kahuku Corn Chowder
Grilled Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Open Fire Citrus Grilled Kampachi
Seared Day Boat Scallops
16 oz Garlic Crusted Organic Black Angus Prime Rib & Garlic Shrimp Duo

Roy’s Ko Olina 
92-1220 Ali’inui Dr
Kapolei, HI 96707

PAFO Ratings for Roy’s Ko Olina:
Price $$$½
Ambiance 3½ stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3½ stars


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