This started out as the chronicles of being young, happy and fabulous and wanting to capture it all before I outgrow the activities and mind set of a certain time in my life… but now this has evolved into just being the story of me and everything that I like to do.

As time moves on, my life continues to change, but I still like to do the same things. It just becomes much harder finding the time to do it all when you’re a married, full-time working mother of twin toddlers. Nevertheless, this continues to be a great outlet for me whenever I find the energy to channel my thoughts and chronicle my adventures.


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  1. Katherine says:

    Love your food blog Jenny. It’s cute!

    Any suggestions on where to eat with kids in SF? I never got to know my way around SF but we are visiting in August!

    1. Jennee says:

      Are you looking for places in the actual city? There are a few places we used to take the kids like in the Westfield Mall, there is M.Y. China and at the Ferry Building. Aina is a new Hawaiian brunch place that we took to the kids to when it was a pop up. I’ll send you a few other suggestions.

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